Yummy Home Remedies for Cough

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yummy home remedies for cough

Cough is the least complaint you would want to have. In cases of heavy cough, it may seem like you have coughed out your insides but without the luck of relief. There may be some over the counter drugs readily available but the tastes can be unpleasant you would not want to have cough again. Good thing, there are yummy home remedies for cough that you can just prepare in the kitchen with the taste that will not leave you suffering all the more.

The first in line with the yummy home remedies for cough is tea and honey. You can have your own tea by pounding a few leaves of green tea on a mortar and pestle. Mix the tea leaves in briskly boiling water. After 3 minutes or as long as you can see the color of water changed, take it out of fire and separate the leaves from the fluid. Then, you can just add two teaspoons honey to give it a good taste. Tea is known to have antioxidant powers to sweep away the impurities inside the body. Honey on the other hand soothes swollen muscles that may cause cough and provides relief on itchiness too. Since the preparation is warm, the muscles inside the body will be relaxed thus making way for the air passages to be cleared.

If you are not the person who would love teas and the sweetness of honey, you can try ginger tea instead. Ginger has a cooling effect akin to menthol that will help much in loosening tightly sticking mucus. You can have so by pounding or cutting a peeled off ginger root. Place it in a briskly boiling water and wait for at least 5 minutes or until you can see the solution turn yellow. The amount of ginger to put on a boil depends on your own but a single root will do so that your tea will not taste that hot. Mix a teaspoon of honey on the fluid to taste. Usually, sugar is added on ginger teas but since sugar stimulates the production of mucus which is a big “no” if you have cough, have it replaced with honey instead. Moreover, honey is a good to ease the itchiness that cough brings.

On the other hand, if you do not want all the boiling, you can still have yummy home remedies for cough with raw fruits. Citrus fruits specifically helps soothe inflamed muscles on the respiratory tract and provides the body with vitamins too which is needed to counteract with the effects of bacteria. The thing is, you just have to slice the fruit down and you are good.

These are the simple treats that you can use as part of home remedies for cough. The good thing about these home remedies for cough is that these do not emit a displeasing taste. In fact, you might get caught drinking it even when cough has been corrected already which is a good thing as the ingredients contain immune boosting properties.

yummy home remedies for cough

yummy home remedies for cough